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Sermon Series for the Summer

Why not let you know everything that is planned for the summer in terms of the preaching? We can’t think of a good reason not to. So here are the four sermons series planned incorporating both morning and evening. (And just in case you’re wondering, summer starts now!)

Messy Church Conclusion: Messy Grace (1 Corinthians)

Messy Church Conclusion

Sunday mornings as follows:

30 Apr 1 Cor. 16:1-24 The Gift of Grace

Find the Leader (1 Samuel)

1 Samuel Sermon Series

Sunday evenings, as follows:

30 Apr 1 Sam. 20:1-42 BFFs (Best Friends Forever)
7 May 1 Sam. 21:1-23:29 Life on the Run
14 May 1 Sam. 24:1-22 Revenge is Bitter
21 May 1 Sam. 25:1-44 Revenge is Sweet
28 May 1 Sam. 26:1-28:2 Twice Bitten Once Shy
4 June 1 Sam. 28:3-25 Desperate Times
18 June 1 Sam. 29:1-30:31 Stranger Times
2 July 1 Sam. 31:1-13 The King is Dead…

When Bad Stuff Happens (Job)

Sermon Series: Job

Sunday mornings as follows:

7 May Job 1:1-2:10 Knowing When Bad Stuff Happens
14 May Job 2:11-3:26 Responding When Bad Stuff Happens
21 May Job 4:1-27:23 Discouraging When Bad Stuff Happens
4 June Job 4:1-27:23 Coping When Bad Stuff Happens
18 June Job 28:1-31:40 Despairing When Bad Stuff Happens
2 July Job 32:1-37:24 Reasoning When Bad Stuff Happens
9 July Job 38:1-41:34 Focussing When Bad Stuff Happens
16 July Job 42:1-17 Resolving When Bad Stuff Happens

Summer Songs (Psalms)

Psalms Sermon Series

Both mornings and evenings as follows:

9 July (AM) Psalm 32 Confession
16 July (AM) Psalm 33 Seven Nation Army
6 Aug (AM) Psalm 34 What Becomes of the Broken Hearted
6 Aug (PM) Psalm 35 Aha!
13 Aug (AM) Psalm 36 Love is the Most High
13 Aug (PM) Psalm 37 I Will Wait
20 Aug (AM) Psalm 38 Healthy Body
20 Aug (PM) Psalm 39 The Sound of Silence
27 Aug (AM) Psalm 40 Lifted
27 Aug (PM) Psalm 41 The Dirt Whispered

Joint Good Friday Service


Our annual Good Friday service this year will be at Usk Baptist Church at 7pm. We’ll join with other churches for communion and remember Christ’s death. Our guest preacher will be our own former minister, Bert Weenink.

You’ll find Usk Baptist Church on Old Market Street, Usk NP15 1UA. If you need a lift, please do not hesitate to ask. Here’s a map:

photo credit: György Soponyai Calvary of Tihany via photopin (license)

New Sermon Series

This Sunday morning, we’re kicking off a new three part series in the build up to Easter, The Cross in Full Colour. For each week, we’ll consider how the cross takes effect upon a different person in order to help us better understand the work of the cross.

The Cross in Full Colour

Here are the plans:

26 Mar Romans 3:25-26 The Cross and the Father
2 Apr Genesis 3:14-15 The Cross and the Devil
9 Apr 2 Corinthians 5:14-15 The Cross and the Christian

Life Groups


The saying goes that no person is an island. And if that’s true generally then it’s certainly true of the life of a Christian. You can’t live a Christian life in isolation from others.

As much as it’s helpful to be part of the crowd that is the church gathering on a weekly basis, the Christian life needs to be lived up close and personal with other Christians. That’s why we’re introducing Life Groups, to be a more intimate level of fellowship. For these groups, there will be a short Bible study, followed by lots of prayer that especially focuses on praying for each other, as well as simply being with each other.

Every member has been given a suggested group for them to attend. And we’ll also hold a group in the church hall, for those who find it easier to get to than someone’s home. If you need more details then get in contact.

photo credit: Thomas Hawk Blue Heart via photopin (license)