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Life Groups


The saying goes that no person is an island. And if that’s true generally then it’s certainly true of the life of a Christian. You can’t live a Christian life in isolation from others.

As much as it’s helpful to be part of the crowd that is the church gathering on a weekly basis, the Christian life needs to be lived up close and personal with other Christians. That’s why we’re introducing Life Groups, to be a more intimate level of fellowship. For these groups, there will be a short Bible study, followed by lots of prayer that especially focuses on praying for each other, as well as simply being with each other.

Every member has been given a suggested group for them to attend. And we’ll also hold a group in the church hall, for those who find it easier to get to than someone’s home. If you need more details then get in contact.

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Messy Church #6

1 Corinthians part 6

Our final mini series in 1 Corinthians (with just the conclusion left to do) takes us to chapter 15, with Messy Theology. It’s all about Jesus’ resurrection and ours. It’s vital we have a correct understanding on what Jesus’ resurrection truly is and its implications then for what will happen to us when Jesus returns.

Here are the plans for our Sunday mornings:

5 Feb 1 Cor. 15:1-11 The Truth of Christ’s Resurrection
12 Feb 1 Cor. 15:12-19 Christ’s Resurrection and Ours
26 Feb 1 Cor. 15:20-34 The Certainty of Our Resurrection
5 Mar 1 Cor. 15:35-57 The Nature of Our Resurrection
19 Mar 1 Cor. 15:58 Living Now because of the Resurrection

Evening Sermon Series

1 Samuel Sermon SeriesIt was a crucial time in their history. God’s people had no king and everyone did whatever they thought was right (Judges 21:25). God had been silent for many years, but now he was going to break in and teach them about who was really to lead them.

It’s a lesson we need to learn as well. By default, we lead ourselves by whatever we think best. Usually based upon our desires, preferences, impulses or other things. But the one who should lead us is God’s Son, who knows the beginning from the end and is establishing his rule over all things. Surely he’s a better leader for us that to simply lead ourselves.

Here are the plans, up until Easter, for our coming evening series:

8 Jan 1 Sam. 1:1-2:11 Hoping for a Baby Boy
22 Jan 1 Sam. 2:12-4:1 Listening to the Lord
29 Jan 1 Sam. 4:1-22 When it All Goes Wrong
5 Feb 1 Sam. 5:1-7:2 God in Exile
12 Feb 1 Sam. 7:2-17 When it All Goes Well
26 Feb 1 Sam. 8:1-22 Just Like Everyone Else
5 Mar 1 Sam. 9:1-10:27 The Head and Shoulders Man
12 Mar 1 Sam. 11:1-12:25 Spirit-Filled Leadership
19 Mar 1 Sam. 13:1-14:52 Like Father Not Like Son
26 Mar 1 Sam. 15:1-16:23 The Rise and Fall of Kings
2 Apr 1 Sam. 17:1-58 David the Giant Slayer
9 Apr 1 Sam. 18:1-19:24 The Angry Green Giant

Sermon Series: Strangers in our World

Sermon Series: 1 Peter

The short book of 1 Peter tackles what it is like to live in a world where it doesn’t feel like you belong. For four weeks we’re going to cover the whole book in a very sweeping manner. Here are the plans:

20 Nov 1 Peter 1:1-2:10 Strangers who are Set Apart
4 Dec 1 Peter 2:11-3:7 Strangers who are Sticking Out
18 Dec 1 Peter 3:8-5:11 Strangers who are Suffering
1 Jan 1 Peter 5:12-14 Strangers who are Standing Fast